The production of Tweed & Leather products is limited. All the materials, each stage of production, every detail and even each stitch are under the careful control of master. The main material – is elegant Scottish tweed which is called as “gamekeeper”. This classic fabric is very popular among hunters, cyclists, golfers and is traditionally used for upper class country-clothing. Handles and bottom of the bag are made of natural leather in order to give strength and comfort during the use. The finishing details are made of velour more often.

In the manufacture of belts for guns the only natural leather is used. To the reverse side of the belt glued and stitched velour or neoprene (for the smallest belt creep on the shoulder).The same velour is stitched to the most trouser belts so wear them nice and comfortable and the skin is not deformed. The edges of the belt, if required by the model, stained and polished by hand.

In the manufacture of travel bags Tweed is applied to Cardura, what gives shape and strength to the bag. Most of the parts of the bags cut out by hand. In the production of accessories and of small products handwork is used by 95 percent. Hunting belts and accessories cut down on the machine with special traditional felling.  Traditional hunting décor “animals” created by Lithuanian artist is made by hands on the press.